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From a WW1 German Military Observation Post


An observation binocular telescope by Zeiss c. 1910 on its adjustable stand.  Overall length 21¾”( 24”with sunshades extended) Each tube is equipped with a tri-ocular turret—the individually adjustable oculars are of x12, x20, and x40. The objectives are 3” in diameter. The instrument is fitted with open sights and has a vertical arc of degrees  allowing for elevation to 86 degrees and depression to minus 10 degrees. The flat tripod based metal stand is original  and adjustable for height.


German artillery in WW1 relied heavily on the howitzer which meant indirect fire. The principal use of this binocular lay in artillery spotting.

It can be quickly set up and taken down.

The instrument is in fine condition  and working order and quite rare.


 Accompanying this instrument is a pair of contemporary German  military Model 08 binoculars by Busch in similar finish in their leather belt case.


While this instrument is principally for rental to film production companies, it is available for sale at $4500. (Compare with the prices currently being asked by a well known English specialist dealer for polished

mid 20th century Japanese  binocular telescopes. )

Rentals to TV/Film Productions