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Integrated Globes Apparatus  (A -25)


The globes are brushed aluminum  and the stand  stainless steel . The globes’ dimensions are identical as is their internal configuration. The apparatus is designed to  measure transparency  of substances.  A lever lowers the sprung lower globe to allow a thin specimen of the test substance to be placed over an aperture between the two globes and  release of the lever  fixes the specimen in position. On  switching on the light a meter  indicates how much light passes from one globe to the other which then gives a measure of transparency. American patents,

otherwise only name is ‘Sud’ Probably c. 1960 


We have not seen one of these before  but nobody visits us without  remarking on this striking apparatus.

A wonderful show item



Rentals to TV/Film Productions.


 Mercury Vapour Treatment Lamp - 1920s