General Comments, Terms and Conditions


Our rental business is expanding in response to heavy demand.


We carry a separate inventory for rentals to film and T.V. production companies across Canada and into the United States. The inventory is particularly strong in medical, chemistry and physics, capable of dressing a doctor’s office, hospital

operating room, chemical/physical laboratory, lecture and board room etc., mainly from 1890 – 1960s.  We do not normally cover larger furnishings such as cabinets, examining tables or iron lungs.  Additions to that inventory are continually and

carefully selected so that we now can offer the most comprehensive, the highest quality and the least expensive rental items in Canada for the range noted.


Note—Only a selection of our large inventory is displayed in this catalogue, we may well have what you are looking for so please feel free to enquire.


Our rates are, we believe, the lowest you will find – 10%  of value per week for the first two weeks and we will negotiate for subsequent weeks. The rate for longer term rentals, e.g. for four months, is usually kept at 40% of value.  Payment is normally due at pickup or before shipping. Where an article has been lost or damaged the rental  fee  paid for that item is not deductible  from the replacement cost.


A statement confirming insurance coverage during the rental period of rental items is required from renters


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Rentals to TV/Film Productions